Winchmore Hill Quaker Meeting

Welcome to Winchmore Hill Quakers, and our website. We are the Quaker group for Enfield, and we welcome visitors from any background and anywhere across the world.

We have met in this beautiful meeting place for more than 350 years. Yet what we have to say is very up to date. We seek to be a friendly and open spiritual community, which welcomes everyone. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch via the contact page.

Meeting for Worship at the Meeting House is held every Sunday at 10.30 am.   We very much welcome new people and if you would like to join us you can just turn-up, or if you prefer, you can contact us in advance at whq.clerk@gmail.com  (or call 07549 352126).

The Meeting for Worship on the fourth Sunday of the month is also on-line, using ‘blended’ facilities such that attenders in-person at our Meeting House and on-line at home can see and hear each other.  Please use the same email address (whq.clerk@gmail.com) for joining instructions if you would like to access the Meeting on-line.

Next shared lunch, Sunday 4th August, 2024, 12 noon.


Rooms are available for hire Monday to Saturday.  For more information view our website and contact our Administrator on:

whqpremises@gmail.com    07549 352126

There are also opportunities for online meeting for worship at various times through the week via Woodbrooke Quaker Studies Centre: www.woodbrooke.org.uk/about/online-mfw

Our gardens remain open to all to use as a place of tranquillity and reflection during daylight hours. 

SAFETY. There are holes and uneven terrain in the grounds – please walk with care.   Please don’t enter the grounds during stormy weather! During a recent gale, a bough fell off our 150 year old cedar tree.

Our historic Friends Meeting House and grounds are an asset to the community. We provide an inspiring and practical venue for many groups and events. We welcome enquiries about hiring rooms when possible (via contact page or lettings page).